ESG report for 2022

In the annual non-financial report, we present our activities in the Environmental, Social and Governance spheres.


TTMS in Figures

Our company has always emphasised social and environmental responsibility, and the ESG report is one of the tools that help measure and evaluate progress in these areas.

Excerpt from CEO's of Transition Technologies MS S.A. letter

Sebastiana Sokołowskiego

ESG Strategy

As Transition Technologies MS, we have developed and adopted an ESG strategy until 2025. It is based on six pillars, which are also the main goals:

  • we want to offer secure digital services of the highest quality,
  • we want to attract outstanding people and work in a unique, non-corporate atmosphere,
  • we want to build diverse teams that respect people of different genders, cultures and religions,
  • we want to share our success with others,
  • we want to act in an environmentally neutral way,
  • we want to ensure possibly the highest management standards.

Our activities, both business and non-business, will contribute to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Corporate Governance

Social Responsibility